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I found my Company in the ProTenders database. How can I claim it?

Learn how to claim an existing profile.

ProTenders continuously crawls the web to find new companies that operate in the Construction Industry. As such, if we find a company that isn't yet part of our Database, we will create it and you will be able to claim it at anytime.

Claiming a Company Profile has multiple advantages:

  • Take Control: You will be able to take control of the content of your profile, add new projects or products and identify what information you want to show for each of them.
  • Get Leads: You will be able to better understand who is interested in your products and services by looking at your Visitor Analytics
  • Interact: You will be able to receive RFIs and Inquiries.

Follow these steps to claim an existing profile:

  1. Go to the Profile you'd like to claim
  2. Click on the "Claim Profile" button
  3. Fill and Submit the Registration form

Our Verification team will validate the information and get back to you, usually within 2 working days.