How do I submit my Vendor Registration?

Learn how you can get your company registered with a Tender Issuer.

Registering your company with a Tender Issuer is a key step in order to get considered for future work with them.

Here are the step to get registered:

  1. Login into your ProTenders account or create a new one if needed.
  2. Go to the Tender Issuer's Profile page, and click on the "Registrations" tab, if present
  3. Read the Instructions
  4. Select your Registration type and click "Start Registration"
  5. Download the corresponding documents and fill them offline
  6. Upload the filled documents and Submit your Registration

Once submitted, the Issuer will review your documents and either Accept or Reject the registration.

In case your registration is rejected, follow these instructions: My Vender Registration request has been rejected. Now what?

You can keep track of all your submittals on your "Workplace"