How do I fill the Financial Bid?

Learn how you can fill the BoQ to submit your financial bid.

The Bid Editor will be shown once a bidder in a posted tender clicks on the Bill of Quantities document. 
It is composed of 3 main sections:

  • The Summary that shows the total number of items to be priced and how many are left in order to submit the bid
  • The Controls from where you can SaveReset or Export the bid
  • The Bidding Area in which all the items that need to be priced are listed.

Any field that has yet to be priced or that can be modified by the Bidder will be highlighted in red.


Pricing Items & Adjustments

For each item that needs to be priced, the quantityunit and price fields have to be filled. Optionally, adjustments can be added for each item and can be either absolute numbers (example: +10.5, -500) or percentages (-5%, +25%).

Item Total = Quantity * Price ± Adjustment

Adding Product Variations

If the Description field of an item is highlighted in red, then the bidder may replace it by one or more variations.

To add a variation:

  1. Click on the "Replace" icon at the far right of the item that needs to be changed
  2. Add a Note describing the reason for the variation
  3. Add an Item, including DescriptionQuantityUnitPrice and optionally Variation.
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 3 to add more replacements for the same item

ProTenders will automatically calculate the total price of the original element as the sum of all the variations.

Item Total = SUM (Quantity * Price ± Adjustment)