How can I accept an Invitation?

Learn how you can accept an invitation to participate in a project or tender.

Once you've been invited to join a Project or a Tender, you'll receive in your Email an invitation with its name, your role and the date until when the invitation will be valid.

To accept an invitation:

  1. Login to your ProTenders account
  2. Go to "My Workplace". If you have any pending invitations, you will see a red bar at the top of the page with the Number of Invitations you have received.
  3. Click on "Respond To Invitations". You will see a list of Pending Invitations.
  4. Find the Invitation you want to reply to and click on the "RSVP Invitation" button. 

5. This will open the Invitation itself, in which you can see the details of the Project / Tender. If this is a Tender, then pay close attention to the "Rules" section as this will explain the conditions of the tender.


6. If you wish to accept the invitation, click on the green "Accept" button. Alternatively, if you wish to decline the Invitation, click on the red "Decline" button

7. If you've accepted the Invitation, and you have more than one user in your company, you will be asked to define which colleagues you'd like to bring onboard. Check each user and give them the correct role. See here for more information about roles.


You are now ready to start your work.