What are the different Tender Statuses

Learn about the different tender statuses and what they mean.

The tender process is divided into 5 sequential steps, each represented by a specific state:

  1. Draft: The tender is created and is being documented in preparation for its posting.
  2. Pending: The Executive Officer has posted the tender, and the bidding start date has not yet been reached. The tender will automatically go to Posted state once the bidding start date is passed. No bidders can see the Tender as of yet.
  3. Posted: The tender is Posted and becomes available to all potential bidders.
  4. On Hold: The Bidding Period has concluded, but the Prices are not yet opened. This intermediary stage can happen in one of two reasons:
    • The 'Auto-Open' option was not checked in the Tender Overview page,
    • The 'Auto-Open' option was checked but the Tender hasn't received enough bids.

  1. Opened: The Bids have been opened and the Executive Officer and Auditors can now analyze them
  2. Awarded: The tender has been awarded to a bidder.