How do I post a Tender?

Learn about the requirements to be able to post a tender.

An Executive Officer can post a tender once a set of conditions have been met:

  • The Tender must have at least one Approved Document Set
  • If this is a restricted tender, then there should be at least 3 short-listed bidders.

Once these conditions met, the 'Call for Bids' section of the Tender Wizard will be enabled and the 'Post' button will be enabled. Posting the tender is then easily achieved by clicking on the button, setting the bidding start and end dates and confirming your choice.

Note: As soon as a tender is posted, all short-listed bidders will be sent invitations to join the tender and will be able to access the tender. While you can un-post a tender, make sure the information provided in the Overview page is accurate and complete.