I'm not getting any views on my profile. Why is that?

Understand how your profile is seen and how to optimize it for extra visiblity.

We're very sorry about that. Let us reassure you however that this is not our typical experience as most companies that are on ProTenders and are actively updating their profile regularly get thousands of hits per month.

There are 4 main ways your company can be seen by people:

  • They searched Directly for your company by name
  • They searched for Companies that have your specific expertise
  • They searched for Projects in which you were participating
  • They searched for Products that you carried
  • They were reading Articles in any of our media partners that had your company mentioned


From our records, companies usually get 8-10x more views based on their projects and products than they do based purely on their name. 

As such, the more Verified Projects and Products you have in your profile, the higher it will rank in the search results, and the more ways it will be found by visitors.